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How to Open Terminal and Change Its Appearance

Many Mac users have never used Terminal. You will be using this when you work with Python. It will be nicer for you if you change Terminal to look better, according to your preferences for color and so on.


Open Spotlight and type:  terminal

Open Terminal by clicking it in the Spotlight menu.

To change settings, Terminal menu > Preferences.

Click the Settings tab (see image above).

  1. Select a color scheme from the left column.
  2. Select a bigger font size so you don’t go blind.
  3. Click the Default button at lower left.
  4. Close Preferences.
  5. Quit Terminal, and then re-open Terminal.

Your new colors and fonts will be in effect.

NOTE: Do not change the font to a proportional font. Use a monospace font, such as Andale Mono (the default).