Baby Steps in Data Journalism

Starting from zero, this Tumblr provides tools, links and how-to information for people just beginning to explore data journalism.

Here’s a recap if you are just joining me: I started this blog on April 8, 2012, because I am reading Nathan’s book about how to make data graphics. I think data graphics are very important for journalism, now and in the future.

So when I reached the first exercise in the book (around page 31), I decided to open up Python, a programming language, on my MacBook and play along.

I had an older version of Python, so I installed a new one.

Then I installed something called ActiveTcl, which Nathan does not mention.

Finally, I installed a Python library called Beautiful Soup, which lets us scrape data from Web pages. This is done in Nathan’s first exercise. I ran into some problems, but I managed to solve them.

I managed to complete the exercise, in which one scrapes data from 365 separate Web pages (hooray!) Then I made a graphic from my data, using MS Excel.

I have indulged in a few distractions along the way:

That’s everything up to now.

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