Baby Steps in Data Journalism

Starting from zero, this Tumblr provides tools, links and how-to information for people just beginning to explore data journalism.

Starting on Oct. 25, I was able easily to complete the first 35 exercises in Zed Shaw’s free online book, Learn Python the Hard Way. I did all the extra credit questions, looked up lots of stuff on other websites, wrote lots of code and tested it again and again.

I think my plan to have journalism students complete these exercises in four weeks as part of a class is fair and reasonable. Some of the students should be able to go further than Exercise 34 in that time.

To see all my posts here about Zed’s lessons, use the tag zed shaw.

Now, sadly, I must leave Zed’s book for a while and test-drive some other lessons. My theory is that spending four weeks learning from Zed will prepare students for JavaScript and jQuery. That’s where I’ll go next. Not really data journalism, so I don’t think I’ll be posting a lot about that work here in this Tumblr.

I hope I’ll be able to return to Zed’s lessons in a few weeks.

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