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In Learn Python the Hard Way, students encounter modulo (modulus) in exercise 3. Most journalism students find it perplexing. So I thought they might understand it better if they could see it used as a test for prime numbers. See the full code here.

n = raw_input("Enter a number: ")
for num in range(2, n):
# below, % is the modulus sign remainder = n % num
# below, % is used with d to represent a variable # called formatters, or format strings: %s %d %r print "%d / %d leaves a remainder of %d" % (n, num, remainder)
if remainder == 0: print "Sorry, %d is not a prime number." % n break

Evan Smith is CEO and editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, a thriving not-for-profit news organization.

See their data journalism projects > here.

Matt Stiles is a data journalist at National Public Radio (NPR). In this blog, he creates data visualizations and posts those he finds online.

ISOJ is the 13th International Symposium on Online Journalism, at the University of Texas at Austin. The speakers on this panel were:

  • Brian Boyer – Applications editor at the Chicago Tribune
  • Alberto Cairo – Information graphics and visualization expert, instructor at the University of Miami
  • Alastair Dant – Lead interactive technologist at The Guardian
  • Angelica Peralta Ramos – Multimedia development manager for La Nación in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Ben Welsh – Database producer at The Los Angeles Times is a “one-stop shop” for the latest information about real estate in Douglas County, Nebraska. It was built by Matt Wynn, Paul Goodsell and Ben Vankat for and the Omaha World-Herald news media company.

See this blog post for a summary of how this project was made: More on Curbwise.